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Hello Dear Internet Friends.  It is again #WeddingWednesday and as luck would have it I actually have another wedding related post for you.  Now you may think that is this is not such a surprise coming from a wedding photographer.  But seeing as I don’t do weddings every weekend, and it is the off-season in Florida, this is a great accomplishment indeed!

Before I get to far into this wedding related post I must tell you that I have made decision.  And that decision is…..if you are one of those crazy, annoying people that drive 45 mph on the freeway….. you DERSERVE every dirty look, cursing, tailgating you get.  And if you are a tourist….lost… time get the F$%^& GPS!  It’s only 10 dollars.  A drink in Miami Beach costs more than that.  As these type of people happened to me twice on the way to the wedding event I’m about to tell you about….I felt the need to state this for your benefit.

Ok, so this last Sunday I was priveledged to be asked to attend and photograph a bridal shower thrown by the amazing Jessica Masi of JCG events for her beautiful sister, Elsie.    However, when I walked into the room I couldn’t help but think “This party must be for me!”  Nevermind the fact that I am not getting married (already did that), nor is it anywhere close to my birthday (however its less than 3 months away…hint, hint) I just couldn’t help but figure that this beautiful party, which has so many things I ADORE, must have been created with ME in mind.  I mean…..right?

Oh is this for meeeeeee??????  Awwww… shouldn’t have! My mind  then registered the total silence in the room.  No shouts of “surprise” echoed upon my entrance.  Apparently, other people love what I love.  And there really was a bride who did show up looking beautiful, glowing and perfectly bridal.   Darn it!

Needless to say, having a sister who is a PHENOM event planner with an amazing eye for detail…means your bridal shower is the most amazing thing ever.  Ummm….can you say “not fair”?  I contemplated sulking in the corner and contemplating the unfairness of it all….but I was quickly distracted by all the yummy details surrounding me.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store. I kept getting distracted by the next FAB thing my eyes landed on.  I call this “shiny object syndrome” and I have suffered with it for a long time…. :D

So, the theme of this A-MAZ-ING bridal shower was all about romantic comedies (see now anyone who knows me is going “ahhhhhhhh…… I now undertand why Candice thinks this could have been for her….makes total sense.” ) And if you don’t know me, you now know I am a connisour of the romantic comedy.  Date night? It must be a romantic comedy (what other type of movie makes you all warm and mushy and probably gets you laid?).  I have seen each and every one of the major ones….and most of the “you’ve probably never heard of them” variety.

But I have to say, it did fit Elsie as well.  As an actress and a model, what better type of bridal shower could you have.  Complete with red…I mean PINK carpet, backdrop for pictures, and music from the movies no one could help but be filled with romantic bliss :D

Take a look……

So everyone walked in on the awesome PINK carpet to the ultra glam polaroid papparazi area.  This was a huge it.  The Polaroid’s were then put into a book for everyone to sign for the bride.  A perfect keepsake :)

The room was decorated in shades of pink and grey.  A beautiful combination that was chic, sophisticated, and girly.Aren’t these tulips BEAUTIFUL????  Love.  Wish I could keep fresh tulips in my house all the time!  Appetizers included this CRAZY-ASS-AMAZING ceviche!  Seriously the best I’ve ever had.  Oh and since I’m talking about food… are just gonna be sooooooo jealous to hear you missed out the the best mini cheesecakes in the WHOLE WIDE WORD!!!  Yummm….    Ooops!  I just drooled on my computer.  Drat.

All of the drool-worthy food was brought to you by Gabriela Xacur of Gourmet Sweets.

Ok I just sooooooo LUUUUUUUUUVVVV these linens.  I have a thing for texture.  It makes me want to run my hands all over everything (its ok…I washed them first).  And the effect is soooo chic & modern!

Guys must have sixth-sense about these things because the groom crashed the party just in time for dessert and presents.  Aren’t they cute???

I think maybe he just likes sitting in between lots of pretty girls ;) You go…..ummmmm….guy?  LOL.  Maybe these should have come with instructions…..

These adorable little bath goodies were a perfect favor!!!Of course I couldn’t finish the day without a picture with with the amazing talent behind this whole party!!!  Note to self: do not hand the camera to the guy who’s spent the last several hours drinking beer by the pool….the picture may be slightly blurry…..

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