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Northern Cali born and raised, I came to Miami by way of Idaho and Colorado. The truth is, I love the ocean and winter just isn’t my thing. Miami was the perfect choice for me. I love the weather and the active lifestyle, and to me, happiness is a quick drive in my convertible or a dip in the ocean. Since I love to do things a bit differently, I thought, “why not have TWO cities to call home?” New Orleans is so amazingly interesting and has such fabulous people that I couldn’t resist. So now you can find me bouncing back and forth between the two, with other fantastic locations from Hawaii to Belize.

Before you ask, no, I didn’t study photography in college. I had the pleasure of being surrounded by it my whole life: the fortunate result of a tech geek dad and an artist mother. I graduated school with a business degree ready to take on the world, but as fate (or Serendipity) would have it, you can’t escape destiny. I soon realized that both my passion and my degree could work together, and that owning my own business, doing what I love, was the best way to fulfill that aforementioned destiny. Fifteen (15) years later, and I’ve invested tons more into my professional education and truly refined my craft.


I guess that you can tell from all of the above that I am motivated and driven. True and all for good reason: I’m in love with love. I LOVE showing people how gorgeous they are and how beautiful their relationship is. I tend to get giddy when I get “THAT” shot. I might just talk about it, out loud, several times during a shoot. I sing and dance and love musical theater, and I will sing just about any song that comes on the radio. On a friday date night you can find us singing kareoke in our living room with a glass of wine and indian food. I met my husband at the end of 2015  and we were married at the end of 2017.  I instantly became a full time (step)mom so its been a whirlwind, for sure. We have 2 pups, my can’t-be-cuter canine, Sam; a silky terrier who holds my heart and takes over my bed and my canine twin - a cute little bundle of energy, a miniature schnoodle named Honey, who was born on my birthday and loves to cuddle. We were meant to be.   I’m fairly funny, and trust me, even funnier after a drink or two. I love a good glass of wine and an occasional old fashioned cocktail....preferrably with  Hendricks.  I love meeting new people and spending time with friends, but I thrive on quiet evenings alone. I laugh a lot, love cake-y sweets, vegan chocolate and I have a slightly dirty mind. That’s me!

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