My Philisophy

a little insight into my style

I’m in love with people. I love relationships and how bringing people together creates something new and interesting.  No two couples are ever the same and each relationship is art come to life. This is why I became a wedding photographer.

I’ve learned I’m drawn to some very specific things and these are constantly reflected in my work:

  • I love amazing light and using it perfectly.
  • I love emotion. Real Emotion. Real Moments.
  • I love the non-traditional.  
  • I love intimacy and romance
  • I love couples who believe that the meaning of the day is really about their love for each other. 

Because of all this I also love, love, love first looks.  And its not for the reasons you think.  I love them because they are intimate and filled with emotion.  The kind of emotion you just can’t get during a ceremony.  I also love them because it speaks to a couple who has a focus on each other and wants that first moment to be private and just for them and not in front of a crowd. I love them because it gives couples time together to relax and enjoy the moments of day more fully and less of a blur. When you first come together that day everything finally slows down and comes into focus. It may not be traditional… but that’s a good thing.

This day, more than anything else, is about your love and joy. My goal is that you feel that as you look at my work.  When I photograph your wedding my goal is for you to remember each and every moment, and feel each emotion again.  I also want you to feel stunningly beautiful and have the time of your life.

I will capture the moments, big and small, for you to keep forever. I will work with you all along the way to make sure you avoid stress, laugh a lot, and enjoy every second. It’s going to be amazing. I promise.

If this resonates with you…we may be a perfect match!  Lets set up a time to chat and see if we are. I’ll learn all about your wedding and get a custom wedding quote just for you.



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I love hearing your story, from the moment you met to the day he proposed. Tell me what your dream wedding would look like.

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